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Citizen Coalitions

Engaging community stakeholders to guide investments, programs and services is critical to our success as an organization and as a Downtown. We believe direct input from diverse voices, backgrounds and expertise leads to better organizational outcomes and stronger impact across our Downtown.

In order to better achieve our goal of robust community engagement, the Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership is launching four Citizen Coalitions focused on four key areas of impact Downtown: People, Place, Experience and Growth.

In their inaugural year, Coalition members will work collaboratively to set goals and priorities for the work we do in each area of impact. Coalition planning will build on the framework and principles identified by a series of local planning documents that have been developed with robust community input over the last 10 years, including the 2025 Imagine Kalamazoo Master Plan, the 2017 Urban Growth Initiative and the 2009 Downtown Kalamazoo Comprehensive Plan.

Below is a description of the work each Coalition will focus on.


The Coalition for People will work to strengthen links with local organizations and engage the diverse Downtown populations. Members will focus on achievement of inclusive growth and engagement, soliciting feedback from local stakeholders and identifying how initiatives can better serve the Downtown community.


The Coalition for Place will work to plan and implement and inviting environment Downtown. Members will help identify and prioritize key public infrastructure investments, including connectivity and mobility improvements, sidewalks, street furniture, lighting and wayfinding.


The Coalition for Experience will work to curate an engaging Downtown culture. Members will generate ideas for events, programs, and public art to bring people Downtown, and make creative suggestions to market the Downtown and its businesses.


The Coalition for Growth will focus on driving entrepreneurship and investment Downtown. Members will guide efforts to support existing businesses Downtown, attract new businesses, provide support to start-ups and determine incentives for Downtown development projects.