about dki

About DKI

Downtown Kalamazoo Incorporated is a private, non-profit organization that works with both the public and private sectors in preserving and enhancing the economic health of Kalamazoo’s downtown area and, in turn, the Kalamazoo community. In conjunction with its affiliate organizations, it manages a full range of activities that include capital improvement projects, business development and recruitment programs, image marketing and event planning in order to establish Downtown Kalamazoo as an accessible, diverse, green, progressive and vibrant urban center.

What We Do

Our responsibilities range from promoting downtown events and happenings to managing the parking system and maintaining the streetscape. Here's a list of many of these responsibilities.


  • Kalamazoo Holiday Parade
  • Santa's Workshop
  • Holly Jolly Trolley
  • Student Engagement Activities
  • Partnering on a host of downtown events, including Art Hop, Art on the Mall, and Do-Dah Parade


  • Current Initiatives
  • Downtown Kalamazoo Blog and weekly newsletter
  • Only Downtown Kzoo marketing campaign
  • Continue growing Downtown Kalamazoo Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Manage and maintain the Downtown Kalamazoo mobile app

Maintenance & Improvements

  • Maintaining the Kalamazoo Mall, Arcadia Creek Festival Place and other key areas of downtown
  • Performing annual maintenance of Arcadia Creek and Arcadia Ponds
  • Providing sidewalk improvements and enhancing streetscape elements such as bike racks, benches, trash receptacles, dog waste stations, etc.
  • Advocating for improved lighting and safety within the downtown area
  • Supporting the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail


  • Maintaining the ramps
  • Making improvements, such as lighting upgrades and resurfacing lots
  • Attending ramps and high-volume lots
  • Recommending parking fees, programs, and policies
  • Subsidizing the parking system debt to keep parking fees low
  • Providing customers with lockout, jump start, and escort services
  • Crafting programs for part-time employees, jurors, and special events


  • Downtown Development Authority - The Downtown Development Authority exists to correct and prevent deterioration in the downtown district; to encourage historical preservation; to create and implement development plans in the district; and to promote the economic growth of the district. 
  • Downtown Kalamazoo Incorporated Board - The Promise of Downtown Kalamazoo is to be a focal point for a distinctive sense of community, forming the foundation for educational, economic and personal success for all.
    • Board Roster 
  • Downtown Tomorrow Incorporated Board 
    • Board Roster

Downtown Economic Growth Authority

The proposed Downtown Economic Growth Authority is an update to the existing Downtown Development Authority tax increment financing (TIF) funding model. The new authority will reset the funding base according to today’s downtown landscape, allowing for downtown growth to be reinvested in the district according to locally determined economic development priorities.