Did you know that nearly 80% of all crime in the downtown area this past summer could have been prevented if one or all of the following measures had been taken? Crimes of opportunity make up the largest of our statistics. To PREVENT from becoming a victim, please read and adopt these simple tactics into your lifestyle (downtown, and every place else you go).

·         Lock your car doors and windows.
·         Do not leave your car keys in the ignition.
·         If you must travel with valuables (electronic devices, cash, shopping bags, etc) keep these items hidden from view. The trunk or glove compartments provide good protection.
·         Always walk with purpose and with alertness.
·         If something looks suspicious to you, call 911. Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety wants you to know that its officers would rather respond to a suspicious-in-nature call that does not materialize into crime, rather than respond to an actual act of crime. No call based on "suspicious activity" is a bad call.
·         Avoid dark, poorly lit areas.