A recycling dumpters is available to our downtown residents who reside within the Downtown Development Authority whose building does not provide such services. The dumpster is located in the parking lot on the corner of Cedar and South Burdick. Currently, it accepts glass, plastic, and paper products. The dumpster is under combination lock. In order to have access, as a downtown resident, you must visit our DKI office for combination information. Please have photo i.d. and credentials that show you are an eligible user.
This program is an initiative driven by the Downtown Development Area Citizens Council. We ask that residents do their part in keeping this area clean and safe. Please make sure lids are securely closed and locks fully engaged to protect the program and equipment. Your eyes and ears are important to us.
Please contact Meg Gernaat at 269.344.0795 with your questions, observations, concerns, or suggestions for improvements. Help us spread the word among our DDA residential neighborhood. Let those who are eligible know this service is available.