As set forth in MCL 125.1671 et. seq., the purpose of this Council shall be to advise the Downtown Development Authority and the Kalamazoo City Commission regarding the adoption, amendment, and implementation of development and tax increment financing plans within the Downtown Development Area for the City of Kalamazoo.


  • Elect a chairperson and such other officers as it may desire from it own members
  • Adopt rules and make regulations for its own activities
  • Advise the Downtown Development Authority and the City Commission regarding the adoption and amendment of the Downtown Development and Tax Increment Financing Plans
  • Notify the City Commission, in writing, of the Council’s findings and recommendations concerning a proposed development plan within 20 days after the public hearing regarding a development or tax increment financing plan
  • Receive periodic reports and consultation from a representative of the Downtown Development Authority regarding aspects of the Downtown Development Plan, including the preparation and implementation of the Plan
  • Request and receive from the Downtown Development Authority and the City of Kalamazoo such records, information and data concerning the activities and operations of the Downtown Development Authority as may be relevant to the development plan for the development area, or to other duties and tasks as may be assigned by the Authority or the City
  • Conduct regular meetings and maintain records, including information and data presented, of such meetings.
Are you interested in serving on the Citizens Council? Please contact the DKI office for an application.


Eligibility Requirements:

Representatives must reside within the Downtown Development Authority boundaries.


The DDACC meets on the third Tuesday of every other month in the second floor DKI conference room at 141 East Michigan Avenue on the 5th floor. You can view the schedule of meetings on the Calendar or download and print it here. Meetings generally last one and one half hours. Occasionally, sub-committees are formed to address specific issues or projects, which could add an extra hour monthly, at the most, depending on the issue or project. 

Patrick Halpin, 269.344.0795


Martha Cohen
Melba Colca
Ryan Grinnel
Valda Karlsons
Mark Kraai, Vice-Chair
Karen Pinkham
Tom Shuster, Chair
Jeff Weisman, Secretary/Treasurer