Live Here

The demand for residential space downtown is strong, and growing stronger. In fact, the number of people currently looking for downtown housing exceeds the number of apartments and condos available.

In downtown Kalamazoo, 300,000 square feet of above-main-floor space is available for residential property development. The central business district also offers several locations for in-fill housing. Downtown Kalamazoo Incorporated encourages developers to investigate these tremendous opportunities.

Exposed brick wall, cathedral ceilings, hardwood floors, and a flood of natural light welcome home those who live in Kalamazoo's downtown loft apartments and condos. They're always just steps from festivals, parks, galleries, a live theatre district, shops, cafes, and restaurants.   

Live/work loft spaces provide the ultimate home office for those equipped to telecommute. Have the heart of the business district and the comforts of your own home - all in one space.