Horse Patrol is an integral part of crime prevention tactics in downtown Kalamazoo. The DKI Safety Commitee allocates monies annually to secure mounted service through the Sheriff's Mounted Division for high trafficked events that include the five major festivals and the extended Art Hops. Horse Patrol persons can be seen walking through parking lots, main and side streets, and in the general area of large attended events to assist with crowd control, keeping an eye on things from a higher vantage point, and, as seen in the photos at right, act as a good ambassador to downtown.

Additionally, DKI also coordinates the clean-up associated with live animals, by contracting with Central City Parking. While every effort is made to notify the clean-up crew when the horses relieve themselves, sometimes these occurrences are missed. If you see evidence of a missed clean-up, please call Central City Parking at 269.342.6383.

DID YOU KNOW: That the men and women who participate and offer their services through the Mounted Division are all (highly trained) volunteers? In fact, their horses are their own property, which are fed, maintained, cared for, transported and otherwise looked after by these volunteers out of their personal expenses.

DID YOU ALSO KNOW: That the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Mounted Division has set the standard nationally through competition for being one of the best mounted service providers, winning awards annual in various categories and repeatedly demonstrating skills in agility, speed, and maneuvers?