As all things go, marketing downtown Kalamazoo continues to evolve. Developed in 2007 through the marketing committee and its then advertisement firm Biggs Gilmore, the tag line and branding invitation to LOOK CLOSER at all that downtown Kalamazoo has to offer is the basis for the current marketing campaign that guides image and event marketing tactics.
LOOK CLOSER attempts to speak to two camps: it calls out the person who, for one reason or another, has not been downtown in the last fifteen, ten or even five years, to see the transformation in redevelopment of space and experience. To the person who, for one reason or another, has a notion that downtown Kalamazoo has nothing to offer, we say LOOK CLOSER. It also speaks to the camp which, on a regular basis, does participate in downtown experience, but may not be familiar with, perhaps, a particular site, destination, or event off the beaten track. To the person who has yet to discover the “hidden little secrets”, we say LOOK CLOSER to imply “yes, there’s more!”
For more informatIon on the branding of LOOK CLOSER, see Biggs Gilmore's News.