Chili Cook-off

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Location: Throughout Downtown - 40 locations
Address: 157 S. Kalamamazoo Mall
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The Annual Downtown Kalamazoo Chili Cook-off is a chili sampling event featuring over 40 locations throughout downtown.  Using a Chili Passport, attendees travel to locations to sample (2 ounce sample cups) chili at restaurants, retailers, and offices.  Voting occurs at various spots throughout downtown to select first and second place winners in each category as well as a people's choice winner.  Special hands-on activities for families are featured in Mall Plaza (157 S. Kalamazoo Mall) as well as cookie decorating.

The chili cook-off is supported by the participating stores.  This is a sampling event and for those attendees with a hardy appetite, we recommend incorporating lunch as part of the travel.  Chili is available as supplies last and supplies vary by location. Event attendees are also welcome to collect recipes at participating locations by using a passport ring available for a $1 donation at Mall Plaza.  

One of the event highlights is a charity focused activity that will feature a "mitten challenge" where attendees are encouraged to bring a new pair of mittens for children.  The mittens will be hung on a Michigan "Mitten" Challenge frame with the goal to collect enough mittens to fill the steel frame. The goal is to collect hundreds of mittens to keep our local children warm this winter.  The Michigan Mitten Challenge will be located on the Kalamazoo Mall at Michigan Ave.

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