There are over nine acres of land situated along the Arcadia Creek West End district that have been targeted for redevelopment since the late 1980’s. The 1989 Arcadia Creek Redevelopment Plan had envisioned the introduction of townhomes and retail shops along the creek banks. A grand vision evolved in the mid 90’s when DTI and Western Michigan University partnered to assemble the four blocks for a mixed use project that would incorporate a WMU entity.

A 2004 Vision Plan indicated this was a viable site for a new arena complex. Recent studies suggest that in order to be fully feasible, it must incorporate other uses such as retail, entertainment, housing and offices. Planning and evaluation of the event center concept continues. Timing is critical, though. If the pieces, players and commitments from the community cannot be solidified, alternative plans need to be ready.

One concept for this site is a variation of the original Arcadia Plan – a residential project. The “In-Town Neighborhood” development calls for mixed uses connecting the core downtown with the Stuart and Northside neighborhoods and WMU/Kalamazoo College. The project would contain mid-rise residential and commercial buildings integrating with the Arcadia Creek Linear Park, pedestrian pathways and live-work opportunities.