Downtown Kalamazoo Incorporated (DKI) is governed by a board of directors representing the downtown business community. DKI coordinates the activities of the Downtown Development Authority, Downtown Tomorrow, Inc. and DKA Charities, provides staffing and management services to each subsidiary corporation, and charges fees for these services. DKI is linked to DDA, DTI and DKAC at the board level through shared board members.

The DKI Board is responsible for coordinating all community and governmental political interaction, downtown and organizational strategic planning, project and program formulations, operations and capital financing, budgeting and staffing. In addition, DKI is specifically responsible for business recruiting, management of the parking system, managing downtown services, and developing a major marketing campaign to enhance the image of downtown and attract investor and public interest.

Mission Statement: The promise of downtown is to be a focal point for a distinctive sense of community, forming the foundation for educational, economic and personal success for all.

Current Initiatives

  • Comprehensive Plan initiatives implementation
  • New website launch.


Steve Deisler, 269.344.0795.


Greg Ayers
Discover Kalamazoo
Neil Bremer
Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo
James Bridenstine
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts
Rick Briscoe, Secretary
Heritage Community
Ken Collard
City of Kalamazoo

Chris Crowell
Gazelle Sports
Bob Doud, Immediate Past Chair
Bronson Hospital
Dr. Brenda Earhart
Kalamazoo Area Mathematics & Science Center
Caroline Ham
Amanda Hayes-Woodruff, Chair
Orrin B. Hayes, Inc.
Bobby Hopewell, Mayor
City of Kalamazoo
Bill Leonard
Pfizer Animal Health
Margaret Patton
Borgess Health
Betty Peristeridis
Argo’s East
Ann Rohrbaugh
Kalamazoo Public Library
Jennifer Shoub, Vice Chair
YWCA of Kalamazoo
Chris Shook, Treasurer
Jim Gilmore Enterprises
James Stephanak
Kalamazoo Gazette
Cindy Stewart
Stewart & Clarke Furniture
Seth Weeldreyer
Kalamazoo First Presbyterian Church