Mission Statement: To add to the economic vibrancy of downtown Kalamazoo by recruiting new retail and office businesses. To create a prosperous environment for existing businesses by using connections in the fields of consulting, business lending and real estate. To assist developers in creating and filling commercial and residential space.

Current Initiatives

Business development in downtown Kalamazoo is guided by the Business Recruitment & Retention Committee, which makes recommendations to the DDA Board on initiatives such as:

Downtown Kalamazoo Innovation Program

Business Recruitment & Retention Program

Downtown Redevelopment Liquor Licenses

Retail Incubation Program
It also is responsible for:
Tracking Economic Indicators
Key Support Services


Derek Wissner, Chair
Memories Bridal
Steve Blinn, Vice Chair
Olde Peninsula Brewpub
Warren Cook
City of Kalamazoo
Ashley Vaughn
LKF Marketing
Darren Malek
Veritas Law Group
Gloria Spoerl
Southwest Commercial Realty
Mac Waldorf
Apjohn Group
Erin Kelly 
5/3 Bank
Jim Escamilla
Byce & Associates Inc.
Greg Ayers
Discover Kalamazoo
Darren Malek
Veritas Law Group
Ryan Simpson
City of Kalamazoo
Gloria Sporel
Southwest Commerical Realty
Cindy Stewart
Stewart & Company
Mac Waldorf
Apjohn Group