Girlfiends Getaway

Get away with your girlfriends for a fun-filled day of pampering, shopping and laughter!

Experience the diverse activities and events that Kalamazoo has to offer. You can do all the things you don't normally have time for, or you can choose to sit back, relax, and wind down--it's your choice!

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Southwest Michigan Food Safety Conference

The new Bronson Healthy Living Campus is a hub for food innovation and healthly living. In their first year open, they are hosting the first annual Food Safety Summit to provide information to local farmers and food producers about the Food Safety Modernization Act.

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Updated Five Year Transportation Parking and Mobility Plan

Downtown Kalamazoo's Transportation, Parking and Mobility Committee has been developing downtown's five year plan over the last year to help address the upcoming changes in mobility. After numerous public meetings to get input on the plan, the committee has made some revisions and is now ready to share its next draft! 

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Downtown Kalamazoo - The Place to Be

In a recent Encore magazine article, downtown Kalamzoo is highlighted as "the place to be" for residents and businesses alike. Recent years have brought significant interest and growth to downtown with residential units downtown at 98 percent occupancy and long waiting lists. 

Read the whole story here. 

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